The topics we care about!

This is a topic which is close to our hearts: The sweet potato comes out of the ground and therefore we very much emphasise on enviromentally friendly production and sustainability. For an example we try to minimize packaging where possible and focus on enviromentally friendly solutions. Additionally, the following topics are in our focus:

Social responsibility

We are the biggest sweet potato farm of the region and therefore we take it for granted to take an active part in the local community: We support of the local Alentejo Agricult. Community / Rural Environment. Also, we are members of several important institutions, e.g. Associação De Produtores De Batata Doce De Aljezur (ACCP) and Associação De Horticultores Do Sudoeste Alentejano (Ahsa).

Economic responsibility for the region

For us social responsibility is accompanied by econonomical responsibility. We focus on the region´s ressources and work mainly with local workforce. On top, we are ensure that the produce produced in Portugal is being packed and shipped directly from our farm.

Integrated farm management

Our overall aim is to meet our commercial business targets at the same time as protecting and enhancing the environments where we operate by using an integrated farm management system.

Ressource management

Living in the 21st century, in our opinion it is crucial to pay attention to ressources. Therefore we focus on our irrigation system and solar energy. Our plan is to switch to solar panels on our warehouses in order to minimize the demand for electricity.


Nature has given us various ressources and we try to use them as sustainable as possible. For example, we use the irrigation water from the nearby dam Santa Clara as efficient as possible. Our watering system is in line with the specific soil and only watered when necessary.

Minimized use of pesticides

Because we operate in the middle of a natural park for us it is tremendously important to minimize the use of pesticides where possible. Our fertilizers are biological degredable where possible and therefore leave no residuals in the soil.

Soil samples

In order to keep updated, we regularly get samples from our soil. This helps us to understand the precise structure of our grounds and the amount of residuals we deal with. We are very happy to share our results with you! 

Crop rotation

We are dedicated to preserve our soils as much as possible. Therefore we have a crop rotation system established that allows to grow different crop throughout the year. Like this, we manage to maximise our product efficiency in line with environment friendly production methods.