Quality is our focus

The essential thing in our business is quality. Our products are underlying highest quality requirements at all times: Starting with the slip planting, nurturing up to the harvesting and temperature controlled storage. At our farm, we follow internationally acknowdleged quality guidelines like Global GAP. This holistic approach helps us to deliver all our products in the highest possible quality, starting from the freshly harvested potato up to the new product developments. The following topics are the most essential ones for us: retracability, training and development of our employees, hygiene management, etc.. Topics that are not a 100% familiar to us, we get experts on board to help us.


We have a very accurate traceability programme on our farm: The produce can be traced back to the harvested field, harvest crew, cooling equipment, shipping truck, etc.. This helps to increase products safety and accurate tracibility of our sweet potatos.

Training and professional development

Our farm team is being trained and updated on a regular basis. This helps to keep quality and technique procedures up to date.LThis helps us to deliver quality and accuracy that you requiere and wish for. Our trainings have various focuses, e.g. hygiene management.

Expert Management

Our farm team is a team of highly trained experts in their field and has been chosen carefully for their roles. Despite this expert pool there are always challenges and topics in the daily farm life that require special expertise and know how. Therefore we have pool of external experts that will assist during special projects. Consequently, we can be sure to make the right decisions for your product.