The sweet potato - a superstar

Sweet potatoes are real superstars: They are full of vitamins, antioxidants and on top they help to stabilize the blood sugar level. We summarized ten reasons for the sweet potato! You will be amazed!

1. Trendsetter antioxidants

Have you ever wondered where the sweet potato´s bright orange or violet colour is coming from? It is coming from secondary plant compounds like carotin and anthocyanins.
Anthocyanins are highly effective antioxidants that detect free radicals and are therefore anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Carotins are also antioxidants and help to protect against cancer, arterioscleroris, rheumatism, alzheimer´s, parkinson, cataract, aging and a lot more.
To be more precise you can find the antioxidant Glutahion in sweet potatoes. It is a very strong antioxidant that attacks free radicals in our body and helps to block particular fats.

2. Perfect to stabilize the level of blood sugar

Sweet potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates: If you have problems with your level of blood sugar it can help to stabilize it and therefore prevent insulin resistance. The sweet potato component is called Caiapo.
The substance was discovered in Kagawa in Japan where the sweet potato is mainly eaten raw. The local population did not suffer from anemia, high blood pressure or diabetes. This fact attracted Scientists from the CNR Padua and the university Vienna: They managed to identify a substance called Caiapo that was mainly detected in the potato skin.

The scientists analyzed the substance with an amazing result:

  •  It helped to lower the fasting blood sugar level

  • It helped to lower the high cholesterol levels

  • It improved the blood picture   

Overall, it improved the wellbeing and level of health. The studies´ results were published in the official diabetes journal "Diabetes Care" in America.
On top, the sweet potato has been classified as antidiabetes food.

3. Full of minerals and vitamins

Let´s welcome minerals and vitamins. The sweet potato is a real allrounder: They are full of minerals as well as vitamins. Curious, then have a look:

The content of 200g sweet potato (one medium sized potato):

4. An important source of fiber

Fibre has a lot of benefits: it is good for a healthy flora of the intestine, it can avoid occlusion and can prevent bowel cancer. At the same time, fibres tie in toxic substances while they are travelling through our body and prevent them from doing harm.
The highest fibre content is in the skin so have them with skin and do something good to your body.

5. Great for the body defences!

Due to the high level of vitamins and secondary plant compounds sweet potatoes help to improve and strengthen the immune system.

6. For your hearts only

Sweet potatos may help to minimize the risk of heart diseases. They have a high content of potassium (a medium sized sweet potato provides 34% of the daily intake of potassium).
Potassium is responsible for the regulation of electrolytes and liquid in our body. It helps to stabilize the blood pressure and regulates the heart´s function. Therefore they could help to prevent heart attacks and strokes. 

7. Against cramps

Sweet potatoes may help to ease muscle cramps. One of the main reasons for muscle cramps and muscle injuries- apart from magnesium deficits- is a deficit in potassium.
When you consume sweet potato on a regular basis and train your physical fitness, you will improve your performance long-term. Additionally, you will suffer less from muscle cramps or any other muscular problems.

8. Kill the stress!

If you are stressed, then sweet potatoes may help to treat the stress related symptoms. Our body tends to increase the amounts of potassium and other important minerals when it is under stress.
Sweet potatoes help to fill up the body´s provisions of active biologically disposable anti stress minerals. This allows our body to nurture from this deposit in times of stress and handle the situations more calmly.

9. Veggies to go!

What you probably did not know: You can eat sweet potatoes raw! There is no need to cook them as they are no potatoes botanically speaking.
Raw sweet potatoes can be described as sweet, juicy and crisp. The perfect alternative to a carrot!

10. Less calories than potatoes

It is always important to know how many calories we consume. The good news for the sweet potato: It has 10% less calories than the normal potatoes and is therefore a great alternative!